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The Full Story


I started my journey as a self-taught artist in 2016. The murder of Michael Brown hurt our community. While I tried to go with life and get past the racial divide in our community, I could no longer remain silent. I needed to live differently, to affect change. Art allowed me to say what I was feeling, live out loud, and no longer be invisible. Having closed my full-time fitness studio, painting was the only way I could process what was happening. Fast forward to 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic shut down and K. Smith Studios' website was born.


I was not happy with the media's coverage of Black people and the Black Lives Matter movement. I began using portraiture to demonstrate the humanity of Black people. I want to communicate the message that it’s not our station in life that makes us human. As the United States Constitution states, we were all born with inalienable rights. We have the right to be seen. We have the right to show up, authentically. As long as I have a paintbrush, when they see us, they will know we are royalty.

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Artist Mission Statement

My work explores the relationship Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPoC) experience in America while trying to live and pursue their happiness. Ever since I picked up a paintbrush, I have been fascinated by the reality that Black people experience the world differently that other ethnic groups. There are many highs and many lows. My mission is to paint them all. Viewers of my work are left with an insight into the cultural experience of BIPoC in America.



To continually produce art that communicates that BIPoC are seen, are enough, and are worthy of love.

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