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The Full Story

Artist Statement

I am the granddaughter of an American sharecropper and the great-granddaughter of enslaved Americans. My artwork delves into the contemporary BIPoC experience in America, employing oil, canvas, and mixed media to highlight our pursuit of happiness. Influenced by portraiture's power to capture humanity, my work seeks to communicate that African Americans—regardless of social standing—are seen, sufficient, and deserving. Inspired by the belief that it's our imperfections that underscore our humanity, my art asserts our inalienable rights to existence and authenticity as proclaimed by the Constitution. With every stroke, I declare our inherent royalty, inviting viewers to recognize our humanity, beyond our flaws.


Brand Statement

I am an evocative multi-disciplinary artist infused with the soul of St. Louis and who crafts Afro-centric canvases for the successful, ambitious African American woman. Utilizing a vibrant and eclectic palette with oil and acrylic mediums, I create art that transforms homes into sanctuaries that resonate with jazz's spiritual energy and improvisational rhythm. My work is a tribute to the dynamic spirit of my clients, enabling them to surround themselves with imagery that reflects and celebrates their rich cultural heritage and personal achievements.



To continually produce art that communicates that BIPoC are seen, are enough, and are worthy of love.

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